4 Custom Pieces You Should Get For Your BMW

For car enthusiasts, a vehicle is never good enough as is, and you'll need to make modifications to achieve your dream car. Even if the vehicle came with all the features you thought you wanted, you'll find something to change. Modding your vehicle is part of the fun of being a car enthusiast. However, modifications can also be a source of peril. Items that look good in product photos may not be so nice when you put them on your car. At Omega Tuning, we have custom parts that are made by BMW lovers for BMW lovers. Here are four custom pieces you should get for your BMW.


Spoilers on cars are awesome. Besides improving vehicle traction and improving visibility by making your vehicle look more impressive, spoilers have additional benefits. For example, using a spoiler on your car helps to reduce drag, which can improve fuel efficiency. Similarly, spoilers can significantly increase your braking ability by increasing the downward force on your vehicle.

Omega Tuning Co. has a selection of carbon fiber spoilers that will work with various BMW models and body styles.


The front of your vehicle is the face of the car, which makes it an excellent place to add modifications that will make your car more distinctive. Using a custom grille is a good way to make your vehicle stand out from other vehicles with similar designs. Omega Tuning Co. has gloss black grilles that can be used with several BMW models to replace a broken grille or to give your car a more elegant look. Our grilles also have wide openings to ensure you get excellent airflow through the front of your vehicles to assist in cooling off the engine. Our grilles are also made of corrosive resistant material to ensure they last, and the material is light, which makes for a more energy-efficient ride.


If you want your car to be seen and make an impression at night, you need some custom lights. Custom interior lights can be a fun addition that doesn’t make your car any faster, but they’re just fun to have. We have everything from ambient lighting kits to DTM RGBW chasing halo arrays. The right lighting kit can make your car so distinctive that people will know it’s you by your lights alone. Ambient lighting can actually make a car safer to use. One study found that at the proper brightness, ambient lights make car controls easier to use, and thus safer. Whether it’s for safety or aesthetics, Omega Tuning has lighting options for BMWs.


The story of Omega Tuning starts with a diffuser. After being disappointed with a diffuser we bought online, we began the process of making something better for other BMW users. You can now get that diffuser from our website. Our diffuser has a better look when used, and they are effective at efficiently increasing the downforce of a vehicle. So besides making your car look nicer for events, it helps increase grip and reduce aerodynamic drag.

Omega Tuning is your one-stop shop for the best in modifications and custom parts for BMW. You know that when you order a product from Omega Tuning, it will deliver the results promised, it will be built to last and will look beautiful on your BMW.

Browse Omega Tuning’s online store to see if you can find some inspiration for the next upgrade to your BMW. Get all the accessories you need to pimp your ride before the next show. Send us a message online if you have any questions about Omega Tuning products or you need assistance finding something you don’t see on the site.