How To Code Your BMW From Home.

We've got to say, every new BMW owner will be tempted to change settings that are not available to change without this powerful tool.

Let's take a dive into the Carly For BMW Generation II OBD Adapter.



The feature that will keep you busy having fun with your BMW. Unlock hidden functions for your car that you've never seen. Perform codings whenever and wherever you want-no PC needed. New codings are free through frequent updates.

To check out your BMW's coding capabilities, check out the complete list below.



Arguably one of the most useful features of the Carly adapter is the ability to find and clear manufacturer-level fault codes. This feature also gives you full descriptions for all fault codes from all control units in your car, leaving it easier to figure out the fault code meanings without the hassle of using search engines. 



Analyze your BMW gauges all in one place, featuring live monitoring of detailed engine gauges, i.e. temperature & pressure valves. Easier to understand fault origins through this sophisticated parameter solution. Easily record data to send by email. This is especially important when trying a new tune or aftermarket engine components. Keep track of data all in one place.



Become independent from your repair shop! If you never pay out of pocket for your services, or are looking to start doing your own services, this will be your missing link. Reset all service intervals by yourself, all on your smart device. You can also check out your extended service data, for example remaining lifespan on your services.



Check Out The Different Versions

Lite [FREE]

With the Lite Version you can test compatibility for free.

Also, one full featured diagnostic report as well as a manufacturer and model specific used car check is included.

You can test every single function and see it will work in the paid version or not. This way you can be sure about what you are buying. We are looking to be as transparent as we can with this.

We highly recommend using our adapters for this as they have been specially adapted for the software.

If you are unhappy with the Lite Version, just send the adapter back :).

This Version can be downloaded directly from the Google Play/Apple App Store.


Full Version [$60/yr]

The Full Version brings you all of the functions this solution offers. In this Full Version you will get:

  • Diagnostics
  • Coding
  • Parameters
  • Digital Garage
  • Used Car Check
  • Engine Freeze Frames
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Service Reset
  • Battery Registration
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
  • Nox Filter Regeneration
  • iDrive Coding
  • Exhaust Valve
  • Manuals

Continuous updates and improvements are included.

Additionally, our Full Version users enjoy access to our world class customer support.

Check out the function details above.

This Version can be downloaded directly from within Carly for BMW.